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The GRACE Bar, the epicenter of the HOTEL ZOO BERLIN, located on the glamorous Kurfuerstendamm 25, advanced  to become one of the most popular places in the “City West“. It is as sexy as it gets - the bar represents elegance, whilst maintaining a modern touch of comfort. Dayna Lee created a perfect balance between emotion, proportion and appearance. It is not a coincidence that the bar feels like an inviting movie set; a result of Dayna´s extensive former experience in the Hollywood movie industry. The vibrant atmosphere of the GRACE Bar successfully revives the roaring 20ies, where today´s Gatsbys mingle and celebrate, sipping on champagne and extravagant cocktails. The hottest DJs and DJanes heat up the atmosphere even more on the weekends, creating the perfect setting for finest club atmosphere. Aside perfectly mixed all time classics, the menu boasts exotic cocktails with tonka bean, lemon grass, Szechuan pepper and ginger, giving the drinks a whim of sophistication and a perfect Asian touch. Smokers come together on the adjoining open-air winter garden that attracts guests with its blazing 15-foot-long glass protected fireplace. One can definitely not leave the GRACE Bar without having indulged in a Liquid Cocaine, Shades of Grey or a Cosmopolitan Chaos to complete a perfect evening. Guests can visit the in-house GRACE Bar until 19:00. After that time it is frequently used for private events and may not be accessible.

After 8 pm access to GRACE Bar and ROOFTOP is permitted only for adults from 21 years.